3 Best Golf Balls For Beginners

3 Best Golf Balls For Beginners

Article by Jack Brown

If you consider yourself to be a relative novice to the game of golf, then one very important question you should be asking yourself is ‘what are the best golf balls for beginners to play with?’

It is an important question because firstly if you are looking to buy the very best golf balls, they unfortunately come at a price, and secondly as a newbie you are inevitably going to lose a hell of a lot of golf balls to start with, as you have very little control over your golf swing and game as yet and the ball will tend to fly off in all directions! This combination can end up being extremely expensive!

Although the best golf balls at the premium end of the market sound exciting and tempting due to their innovative designs and ground-breaking technologies, the benefits of the advanced multi layer constructions and exceptional spin rates that they provide the more accomplished golfers with will simply be lost on the mere beginner or average player.

In fact, due to the higher spin rates and softer covers these type of golf balls can end up being a hindrance to lesser experienced golfer, because they will end up costing you distance of the tee and exaggerate any flaws in your game, like golf slicing or hooking for example.

The best golf balls for beginners are the 2-piece construction balls, they are much simpler and cheaper in design and tend to use harder, more durable materials, which means they will last longer and have a much better chance of surviving impacts with rocks and cart paths.

These balls are perfect for beginners because they are optimized for distance and forgiveness, so the lower spin rates and optimal launch conditions will allow you to maximize your length off the tee and provide you with a straighter ball flight so you can hit more fairways.

Some of the best 2-piece construction balls for beginners are the Srixon AD333, Callaway Warbird Plus and the TaylorMade Noodle Plus! and they are all very reasonably priced.

The Srixon AD333 golf ball features a large soft Energetic Gradient Growth core to encourage optimal launch conditions and low spin rates for maximum distance, a thin resilient cover and an advanced aerodynamic 333 dimple pattern to produce a penetrating ball flight that will cut through all wind conditions.

The Callaway Warbird Plus features a high power core made from Polybutadiene and innovative dimple pattern called HEX Aerodynamics. This not only provides greater distance off the tee by reducing the effects of drag but also gives you a straighter ball flight and more control with your approach shots and around the greens.

The TaylorMade Noodle Plus incorporates an incredibly soft and fast new impact propulsion core, that stores energy with greater efficiency and releases it with greater energy. The advanced aerodynamic MHT dimple design gets the ball high in the air and keeps it there for longer making it one of the best golf balls for beginners!

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