Understanding Release in your Golf Swing – Darrell Klassen

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  1. surrealforreal says:

    So in other words, just strengthen your grip???

  2. imsuprised says:

    I will give you credit, before reading your book I didn’t know what loading up the right side really felt like. Taking the club up and having it lay in my hands, then turning and putting it on a table next to me was a great tool for helping me learn how it felt.

  3. imsuprised says:

    I’ll go out tomorrow and try that twist.

  4. imsuprised says:

    Yep all I did was close my clubface and swing straight up instead of around my body(don’t remember if I turned my hands to the right to make that twist). All I can tell you is that I hit it 10-15 yds longer with my wedge and 20-30 yds longer with my 5 iron. Then I just started adjusting things and zeroed in on the center of the green. It was so much fun! Wow, golf is such an easy game. :)

  5. imsuprised says:

    Darrell, I bought your book and audio companion to the book, “Golf’s An Easy Game”. Spent 2 1/2 hours trying to apply all that I read and heard. This was not fun. I finally gave up and just started experimenting, “having fun”. I remembered what you said to some degree in this video. Then I remembered you also saying you don’t swing with your arms(I swing my arms around my body). So I put these two things together and didn’t worry about the rest and bam! for the next 30 minutes it was fun!

  6. ioswing says:

    Avoid this rubbish. The same way the shaft gets bowed in the down-swing (creating lag) by dropping your arms into the “slot”, you’re twisting the shaft when you turn it over creating a slight radial lag. By the time your hands pass the ball, all kinds of “springs” have released their energy into the ball. See: Tiger’s swing portrait – front view. You’ll notice the absolute neutral left hand at address [glove label almost unseen, facing the target, NOT closed or strong. Watch the shaft flex too.

  7. dschultz6072 says:

    4:10 jesus plays off +9

  8. elfhermie says:

    @wixellbickford That’s what teachers do. They talk. It’s your job to listen and digest what they say. Do you just want to see them physically do stuff and try to copy them without knowing why? Besides, most of these are teaser lessons. You have to buy the stuff to see how to do it. Jeeze. I love listening to this guy talk. He’s very educated about the golf swing. Unless you have severe ADD and no brain, listening is what you need to do to understand the reason behind the moves.

  9. sabrezrule says:

    cotton pickin country haha

  10. wixellbickford says:

    Wow, this man loves to talk. Can’t these people watch their own videos and see how they ramble on? Ouch.

  11. thomas58855 says:

    Your next step is hard tofind. I watched module 1 and made a comment.
    What do I do to ge into new videos
    Thomas Roberts

  12. theoriginalTeej says:

    lol 6:41
    he had a small glitch ;)

    btw great video, you just saved me so much money and so many strokes
    thank you Darrel

  13. MrAsiangolf says:

    hi darrell. i been playing golf for 14 years . i know that a lot of people dont beleave in your concept ,but i do. for 10 years i play golf with a draw real good 10 handycap. when i got your book for 10 buck . in two week after i read it now i understands how the golf ball spin, i able to hit fade straight,draw anyway i want .i also got aleast 40 more yards of the tee. last sunday for the first time i shot a 1 under par.thank you for your book that was the best 10$ i ever spend.

  14. GKSireland says:


  15. 666attica says:

    make that Jesus and Moe Norman

  16. flynbil says:

    Needs more instruction on actually swinging the club and hand action instead of physics.

  17. joparri3 says:

    Jesus actually perferred to hit a power fade, Darrell.

  18. bryanspell says:

    Thanks, Darrell. I don’t know any video on YouTube that has helped me more with my golf game—and I’ve viewed many Great explanation of release.

  19. chm97chm97 says:

    Great Explanation.Great Finish.

  20. secrettogolf says:

    This was a great subject to do a piece on.The only problem was about 20 seconds was spent on what the release should look like and what the mechanics are.

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